Blaine is a what-comes-up-comes-out motivational coach based out of Newport News, Virginia. She is a NETA Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and advocate for celebrating what your body can do. She works with women online and in-person to help them find the best way to move their bodies, get stronger, and be fit for all parts of life.

Before becoming a coach, Blaine was a restaurant manager working 60+ hours a week. Physical health was not a priority, which left her feeling uncomfortable in her body and unable to keep up with her young daughter. In 2014, she decided to make herself and her health a priority by finally taking care of her body. Blaine’s personal health journey revealed a huge need for a place where women who want to feel good and be strong without the extremes connect, belong, and feel supported.

That need led Blaine to create The FEW: Fitness Empowered Women Community; A special place where women of similar fitness goals and approaches can connect, where workouts are affordable, and where exercises are customized for every fitness level - no matter your age, size, or ability. 

"Blaine's classes and her scrappy group of ladies, The FEW, are the best things that have happened to me along my fitness journey. Blaine never fails to come up with new and fun exercises that really push us. No two workouts are exactly alike. The women in this tribe are amazing! 14-77 years old, all fitness levels, and loads of laughs. I didn't know I was looking for a fitness community, but I am so grateful I found this one!"

- Laura